Some say that to be truly happy we must exit the fast lane, downsize our dreams and simplify everything. That can be a powerful choice for some, but what if we feel a deep drive to achieve ambitious goals, what if we have an active life we don't wish to abandon?

We need a different approach.

This is not about simplistic solutions or overnight transformations—my approach is about small changes we can make while still managing a full life and handling all the responsibilities that don't miraculously disappear (even though we sometimes wish they would!).

I'm about making your success (however you choose to define it) sustainable and fulfulling.


Through my coaching programs and publications I share practical strategies and tools to craft a satisfying and joyful life that embraces your big dreams.

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Self-coaching Guides

Instantly downloadable (so you can begin right now, while drinking your favourite tea!), self-paced guides to help you live your extraordinary.

Now available:

Less Stress & More Joy: Choosing Happiness Every Day

Less Procrastination & More Success: A Guide To Making Goals Work For You


Where I share what's got me asking big questions, digging deeper, discovering different perspectives, committing to small changes and celebrating success.

You'll also receive a special thank you gift: Light the Spark: A mini-guide to stop the burn out and light up the joy in your life