Hi, I’m Jo Bassett—

As a leadership and wellbeing coach, author, educator and creator of Living Savvy TV, I guide people to ask themselves the big questions, dig deep to define their own success, and commit to achieving their dreams through small, sustainable changes.

I create coaching programs and publications for energetic, ambitious people who aspire to bring more fulfilment, satisfaction and joy into their life.

I have a professional background in occupational therapy, hold a master’s degree, and draw on two decades of experience working with government, non-government and non-profit organisations in a
variety of roles including team leader, facilitator, consultant, coach and educator.

How we can work together

Whatever form my work takes, the goal is to inspire you to define what success means to you, and to give you the tools you need to achieve it, without sacrificing health or happiness. This is the essence of 'burn bright without burning out'.

We can work 1-on-1 for life or leadership coaching (group coaching also available), or if you like to work more independently I have a series of self-coaching guides.

If you want to provide your business team, community group or other gathering with an opportunity to build relationships and learn life enriching tools, I offer workshops and seminars. (I'm also available to speak at events and conferences.)

I develop and deliver organisational programs that bring together a customised mix of these various formats to meet your specific needs.



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Jo Bassett - Life Coach

I believe:

We can live with enthusiasm, flexibility and creativity.

We can be present for those we love most, and pursue our personal dreams.

We can savour and celebrate everyday moments, and each choice we make to live more consciously and boldly.

We can integrate achieving big (however we choose to define it) with joy and wellbeing.

That doesn’t mean we get it right all the time, but that is part of the journey too. (This is not about reaching 'perfection' or being labelled as ‘broken’ and trying to radically overhaul our life.)


Some organisations
I've worked with:

» DLA Phillips Fox
» PriceWaterhouse
» Coopers
» BDO Kendalls
» Ray White Corporate
» Queensland Health
» Queensland Rail
» Brisbane City Council
» Suncorp Bank
» Queensland Audit Office
» kikki. K
» Lululemon