I was grappling with the right way to juggle all the demanding aspects of a being a senior leader with a large team, a large workload and high stress levels, as well as raising a young family and trying to maintain a connection with my broader family and friends. I had long parked the idea of having any “me” time in amongst it all.

Jo helped me advance all aspects of my life in step with each other, rather than settling for trade-offs. She encouraged me to be mindful of the need to look after myself, including strong self-assessment and development as a critical part of also improving relationships both professional and personal. To achieve this, she courageously confronted the “hard” topics with me, encouraging the difficult conversations that were required to achieve real progress.

Looking back over the past 12 months [of coaching with Jo], I have come a long way. I am now comfortable with my prioritisation and decisions in meeting all the competing demands, and I am a more relaxed and confident person in all aspects of my life.
When I first met Jo, I had just recently started a new phase in my management career. Following a significant restructure, I found myself with a new, much larger team of very dedicated, but change-fatigued staff members.

With Jo’s help I was able to set our team’s new direction and create a clear pathway forward to get there. I am proud to say that our team really does feel like OUR team now—my people are 100% committed to working toward our common goals and to working collaboratively to achieve them.
Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed and am grateful for being at your presentation today. It was refreshing to hear a pragmatic take on the topic of burn out and I could have listened to you all day!

Life Coaching

Have you reached a point in your life where you’re asking:

Why do I feel unsatisfied?
What’s the next step in my life?
How do I get to where I really want to be?

Asking these questions does not mean you’re 'falling apart'—it simply means you’re yearning to grow, to live with more meaning and purpose, and to experience more joy and fulfillment in your everyday life.

We’ll work together to help you answer the big questions, and make small changes to your daily life, your habits and your mindset to produce the results you desire.

Download the information brochure for further details.

Is my coaching right for you?

I work with energetic, open-minded women, many of whom are balancing family life with their own business/creative pursuits, who are willing to be challenged, to think differently and to take action to live their extraordinary.

Are you are ready to:
- shine the spotlight into the places that are usually avoided?
- question old assumptions and make new connections?
- try something new and commit to action?

Get in touch and get the support you need to create your dream life.

Leadership Coaching

Increasing global competition, heightened environmental concerns, shifting social expectations, tightening budgets—these are just a few of the many pressure points for organisations and their leaders.

As the pressure rises, talented managers (particularly women) are opting out (or burning out) of higher leadership roles due to stress and a lack of ‘life balance’.

Can leadership coaching BENEfit you?

This is for executives or emerging leaders:
- wanting to unleash the full potential of themselves and their teams
- willing to be challenged and experiment with new approaches
- ready to build an extraordinary work life through consistent, sustainable change.

You don't have to give up your big ambitions OR your wellbeing—I can help you burn bright without burning out.

 I can Support you with:

Leadership and Executive Development—facilitating more effective communication, decision-making, team development, conflict resolution and empowerment models.
Career Planning and Management Coaching
Executive Coaching—focussing on mental health and lifestyle issues such as stress management and depression.
Emerging Leadership Coaching—supporting upcoming executives in high level performance.

Workshops, Seminars & Groups

I facilitate a range of experiences for business teams, community groups and other gatherings, all focussed on inspiring participants to define their own success and  achieve it, without sacrificing wellbeing or happiness.


Half and full day workshops provide the opportunity for groups to dig into the obstacles to achieving big, and work through key strategies and tools.

Quick Start Seminars

Presentations of 30-60 minutes highlight specific issues and identify small steps people can begin implementing immediately.

Group Coaching

In Coaching Circles of 4-6 people, we work as a group over multiples sessions to address common issues and support circle members in fine-tuning their approach to success.

Coaching Circles can be formed with groups of friends or work teams.


This is about getting people thinking and sparking new conversations that ripple outwards from a one-off event into each person’s life. I’m available for keynote presentations, panel discussions or interviews.

Organisational Programs


A customised coaching program for organsiations to help your people burn bright without burning out.

Mental (ill) health is now the primary reason Australian workers take extended sick leave or become incapacitated.

Whether through absence or under-performance, poor mental health in the workplace impairs organisational creativity and innovation—restricting potential growth.

I can help make success sustainable for your organisation, and the people that drive it.

We can customise a program to your needs, encompassing:
- establishing an organisation-wide wellbeing and health leadership team
- delivering individual or group leadership and wellbeing coaching
- facilitating workshops & quick start seminars on a range of topics.

Download the information brochure for further details.