Self-Coaching Guides are downloadable, self-paced programs that support you to achieve big without sacrificing joy, wellbeing & contentment.


If you find yourself asking:

How did I get to this point in my life, and is this all there is?
I'm always busy, so why don't I feel like I'm achieving anything?
I know I want more ______ in my life, so how do I get it?

You are not alone!

Asking these questions does not mean you’re ‘falling apart’—they are a sign that you are ready to grow, you just need the right tools to help you take the next step.


Wherever you are in your life right now, no matter how far that may be from where you want to be... you have the power to make a change today.

  • You can create a life that is fulfilling, satisfying and joyful.
  • You can live with enthusiasm, flexibility and creativity.
  • You can celebrate everyday moments and savour each ordinary choice you make to live more consciously and boldly.
  • You can acknowledge when things aren't 'right' and start making changes to your daily life, your habits and your mindset. 



I've crafted these guides to help you think differently and take action to create your unique dream life.



Like you, I manage a lot of roles in my life: leadership and wellbeing coach, business owner, wife, mother of two spirited people and big-time dreamer to name a few. 

I know that it's challenging enough to carve out time for family, career, a bit of self-care and the occasional catch-up with friends. Trying to make any change—even a change we know is for the better—can feel completely overwhelming.

Be assured that these are programs for the real world. Life has a way of turning the best-laid plans upside down, and sometimes we just have to muddle through just to get to the end of the day. 

That's why my approach is about making sustainable changes one step at a time, and my guides will help you do exactly that, at your own pace. We've got this!

How do self-coaching guides work?

Each guide is an instantly downloadable wellbeing program you can begin today.

Each guide includes six sessions, in which I coach you step-by-step through the program—you can read and complete these sessions at a pace that suits your schedule.

In each session you will find coaching guidance, tools and stories, and reflection questions and activities.

I've written each program as a PDF ebook so it's easy for you to download (and print!)—you can use it again and again to achieve your dream life.

PLUS: In addition to the PDF ebook, you will receive a 6 week series of coaching emails with additional tips, activities and stories from real people who are using these tools for their success.



Purchase your guide below for instant digital delivery. You can begin your program today.


Less Stress & More Joy:
Choosing Happiness Every Day

In this program you will Learn:

  • what gets in the way of your happiness
  • the key elements for a happy life (you may be surprised!)
  • how to experience more joy (even in difficult times)
  • the most powerful happiness habits
  • how to find the time in your busy life to make positive change
  • your own unique map to happiness.
Less Stress & More Joy
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Less Procrastination & More Success: Making Goals Work For You

In this program you will learn:

  • why you procrastinate & why certain goals don't work
  • how to find the time in your busy life to make positive change
  • a powerful process to envision your dream life & express that vision in way that inspires you
  • the secret to crafting goals that really work for you
  • how to take sustainable action towards your goals (even when life gets messy!).