Living Savvy Episode #1: Introduction to Living Savvy with Jo Bassett

Jo Bassett, introduces Living Savvy - a lifestyle program for personal development and evolution.

How do you live savvy?

When you are living savvy you celebrate what's important to you, recognise what's missing, and are confident in making the small changes you need to starting making your dreams a reality - that's fine tuning the ordinary to live extraordinary.

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Through her programs and publications, Jo is gathering together a community of savvy women (and men!) looking for advice and support to live extraordinary. This is a place to connect with like-minded people, share ideas and stories, and get practical information to help you start changing your life today. It’s about being entertained, informed and inspired.

What next?

Watch Living Savvy Episode #2: Life coach John Raymond talks about how life coaching can help you.

Celebrate & Share Living savvy is about connecting with others, giving and receiving support, and sharing what you have learned. We love to hear your voice. So join us at the living savvy facebook community page.