Living Savvy Episode #7: Cat reflects on the cost of trying to “do it all”

Cat runs her own successful business, with her husband, and has a beautiful young family. She has a full and busy life, but also has high expectations for herself. She wants to make sure she’s living her very best life and going after the goals that are important to her.

Is there such a thing as dreaming too big?

Cat’s vision board is very full, the question is whether there is too much in the life that Cat wants to create?

It’s seductively easy to believe you can do everything, if only you could be more efficient or find more time. The danger is that you will exhaust yourself – physically, mentally and emotionally. To achieve big dreams you need good support systems and ways to restore your own energy and creativity.

In Cat’s words…

Yesterday, when I hadn’t had enough sleep, I was walking around feeling quite fragile and anything could tip me over the edge into tears… I looked at my vision board and thought, “you’re fooling yourself Cat, it’s never going to happen”.

I can’t keep giving out and helping clients achieve what they want to achieve when I’m a fragile, eggshell of a mess…

That’s why I want to be doing more meditation… to commit to really looking after myself.

What lies ahead in Cat’s life coaching journey?

How can Cat find the time to make the changes that are important to her, while still meeting all her responsibilities?

Sometimes the most powerful thing you can do is actually reduce or simplify your list of responsibilities and projects. By focussing on what is really important to her, Cat may discover renewed energy and also have the opportunity to truly appreciate and savour the life she is creating.

What can you learn from Cat’s coaching session?

  • Simplify and focus on what is important – choose just three priorities for your life right now.
  • You can’t look after the ones you love if you are falling apart! Fit your own oxygen mask first.
  • Once you know what is important to you, it’s time to make a commitment to yourself and follow through.

What next?


Start your own meditation practice.

Cat knows that a regular meditation practice helps her feel calmer and means she is better able to copy with her hectic life.


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