Living Savvy Episode #6: Meet Cat – starting her life coaching journey

Through the Living Savvy web program, we watch Vicky, Cat, Janine and Jane work with Living Savvy life coaches to ask the big questions in life: What I creating? Who completes me? Where am I headed?

This is not about judging their lives as ‘broken’ or forcing them to make unsustainable whole-life overhauls.

Instead these real women will be experimenting with small changes that make a big difference – fine tuning the ordinary to live extraordinary.

Who is Cat?

Cat’s been working in the personal development industry for 16 years, despite being just 33 years old. Her partner in life and business is her husband Keith. Together they have two sons aged between one and four, and run a business called Alito – which aims to ‘light up’ small business owners through a range of consulting and support services.

Like most working mums, Cat admits she sometimes struggles with the challenges of keeping up with her responsibilities in the family and the workplace: “The control freak in me wants the boys to do everything how I want them to do it and their refusal to not fit in with my agenda keeps me on my toes!”

What lies ahead in Cat’s living savvy journey?

With such a full and busy life, Cat wants to make sure nothing is falling between the cracks and that she’s on track to achieve her dreams – financial security for her family and personal fulfillment.

Jo asks Cat to create a vision board of her dream life so they can clearly see what Cat really wants and ask the important question: How can she make it happen?

What next?


Create your own dream board. Dream boards are a powerful tool to explore where you are and where you want to go in your life. Wherever you are in your journey, and whatever aspect of your life you are working on, a dream board engages your creative, intuitive abilities to reveal what’s truly important to you right now – you may be surprised by the results! 


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