Living Savvy Episode #5: How has Vicky's life changed?

Since we last saw Vicky she has bought a new home (which she has been renovating), married her partner Scott and changed careers, and she describes these past months as taking it easy!

Growing self awareness

When creating her life map, Vicky had identified that her job was consuming a large amount of her time and energy. She had acknowledged it was a source of stress in her life, but then she began to notice her health deteriorating to the point when she couldn’t keep up her commitments. The real wake-up call came when she realised her personality was changing – she was becoming more easily angered by unimportant daily irratants and was criticising others more frequently. Her husband noticed the change too.

Vicky tuned into what was happening with herself and realised she was changing in way she didn’t like. She revisited her life map and asked ‘what can I do to create this?’

Making hard decisions

In Vicky’s words: “I always knew it [previous demanding job] wasn’t right and it wasn’t fitting, but it was the fear of making the decision to change it. It wasn’t that I didn’t know… but I thought what else can I do? I have to keep going, and it will get better. But it only gets better when you make a change.” Vicky changed jobs and accepted a 50% cut to her salary as a result. She says it was frightening to do this, but she knew it was what she needed to do so she could focus on her family and relationships.

What can you learn from Vicky’s coaching session?

  • Keeping digging until you unearth what is most important to you – this insight is gold
  • Listen to yourself
  • There are times in every person’s life when you will have to make difficult decisions – What are you willing to give up?

Vicky’s final thoughts…

“Living Savvy is being true to what I want. It is stepping up with courage to live the way I want too.”

What next?


Write the story of your dream life. Writing the story of her dream life helped Vicky get clear about what she wanted and what was standing in the way.


Watch Living Savvy #13 and see what’s next for Vicky.

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