Living Savvy Episode #15: Meet Janine – starting her life coaching journey

Through the Living Savvy web program, we watch Vicky, Cat, Janine and Jane work with Living Savvy life coaches to ask the big questions in life: What I creating? Who completes me? Where am I headed?

This is not about judging their lives as ‘broken’ or forcing them to make unsustainable whole-life overhauls.

Instead these real women will be experimenting with small changes that make a big difference – fine tuning the ordinary to live extraordinary.

Who is Janine?

Janine is 29 and lives with her partner Garth, with whom she also runs her business – Polish Nails and Beauty salon. Janine and Garth are together almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which is working well for them at the moment.

For this couple, life and business are intimately intertwined. Their story is not just about working hard to be successful business owners and not just about building a healthy relationship – it’s about creating a life together where dreams are shared and the practical realities of realising their dreams are faced each day, side-by-side.

What lies ahead in Janine’s living savvy journey?

As Janine says, “When it’s a new business and your own business… you want everyone to be so happy that you give almost too much.”

Janine and Garth are working together to grow the business to a point where Janine can step away from the day-to-day nail and beauty technician work, to give her more freedom, more time out, and also the space to work on her vision for the business.

Can they develop the business and their relationship to where they want to be?

What next?

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