Living Savvy Episode #14: Meet Jane – starting her life coaching journey

Through the Living Savvy web program, we watch Vicky, Cat, Janine and Jane work with Living Savvy life coaches to ask the big questions in life: What I creating? Who completes me? Where am I headed?

This is not about judging their lives as ‘broken’ or forcing them to make unsustainable whole-life overhauls.

Instead these real women will be experimenting with small changes that make a big difference – fine tuning the ordinary to live extraordinary.

Who is Jane?

Jane is a successful business owner in the highly competitive cosmetics industry. To the outside world she’s bright and bubbly, but she’s also experienced the challenges of making big life changes – now in her late 30s, she’s shed 30 kilos along with negative self-image, and walked away from a marriage that wasn't working.

She says:

I’ve been in the cosmetics industry over 14 years… I definitely think I’ve matured. I’ve had to. When you’re working for yourself you are the one making the decisions. Some people see me as being extremely confident, some people have accused me of that dreadful word – arrogant – but it’s not always as it seems.

What lies ahead in Jane’s living savvy journey?

Jane’s dream life includes a loving partner and a family. However, she’s not prepared to sacrifice her standards in pursuit of that dream. She’s looking for the real deal or nothing at all.

Not everyone is coachable and coaching isn’t for everyone, are coaching and Jane a good fit? Can the living savvy journey help her find the loving partnership she desires?

What next?

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