Living Savvy Episode #3: Meet Vicky – starting her life coaching journey

Through the Living Savvy web program, we watch Vicky, Cat, Janine and Jane work with Living Savvy life coaches to ask the big questions in life: What I creating? Who completes me? Where am I headed? This is not about judging their lives as ‘broken’ or forcing them to make unsustainable whole-life overhauls. Instead these real women will be experimenting with small changes that make a big difference – fine tuning the ordinary to live extraordinary.

Who is Vicky?

At the age of almost-39, Vicky’s already had a very full life by most people’s standards. She’s worked since she was 11, and has a successful corporate career, as well as having served for 21 years in the airforce and played volleyball for Australia. She’s been married twice and has two daughters between 10 and 14 years old. She’s hoping to grow her family with her new partner, Scott.

What lies ahead in Vicky’s living savvy journey?

With so much already achieved, what is Vicky looking for in her life? Jo asks Vicky to draw up a mudmap of her goals and dream life so they can see clearly what is already in place and discover whether anything is missing…

What next? 

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