Living Savvy Episode #10: Karen shares her advice on tough times

Karen has a clear vision of her dream life. She’s creating that dream life with her loving family, her husband and two sons, and with meaningful work, connecting and contributing to the wider community through her job as a police officer. However, even with a clear vision and determination, creating your dream life is not easy.

There will always be challenges and tough times

Soon after recording her last Living Savvy episode, Karen’s husband was deployed to Afghanistan.

In his absence Karen continued to work full-time, including shift-work, and cared for her two children, with her eldest starting his first year at school.

This was very challenging – she had times of tiredness and overwhelm, and she had to delegate and ask for help to get through.

The ‘work’ of creating your dream life doesn’t end

Karen succeeded during this difficult time because she remained clear and focussed on her vision. She simplified her priorities down to what was most important and acknowledged the reality of life and living her dream – it’s never ‘smooth-sailing and perfect’.

What can you learn from Karen’s story?

  • Listen when people say positive and complimentary things that recognise what you are doing and achieving
  • Living your dream takes effort, adjustment and fine tuning.
  • Be creative & open minded when you think about how you can “get” time for yourself.
  • Be clear about your reasons for doing something, this conviction will carry you through difficult times.

In Karen’s words…

If you have a dream, no matter how hard it is, give it a go. You’ll kick yourself if you don’t try… it may not work out but at least you’ve tried. There are days that I think, this isn’t working, but I play over in my head why I’m doing it and who I’m doing it for…

What next?

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