Living Savvy Episode #11: The living savvy women reveal their secret fantasies!

There’s no one blueprint for the perfect fantasy life. Your fantasy life will be as individual as you, and it will also change throughout your life. One woman’s ordinary will be another’s extraordinary and vice-versa.
In this episode Cat, Vicky and Karen are challenged to reveal their secret (and not-so-secret!) fantasies.

Don’t forget to enjoy your fantasy moments in the every day

When you dream big like Cat, it is easy to keep looking ahead and focus on how far you have to go, or what is missing. But it’s important to take the time to acknowledge and celebrate those places you are already living your fantasy in the here and now.
Karen does this when she puts on her uniform and looks in the mirror every morning.
Vicky has chosen to take a break from looking ahead to a ‘big fantasy’ altogether and is instead focussing on enjoying the everyday reality of her life.

What is Cat’s secret fantasy?

“To be the Oprah of the business world. That is, to have the platform from which I can advise, inform and lead women to do business better.”

What is Vicky’s secret fantasy?

“Live the reality. Live in the moment.” (At least for at least the next 12 months!)

What is Karen’s secret fantasy?

“I always dreamed of being a mother and a police woman. I feel like I am living my fantasy right now.”

What can you learn from this conversation?

  • The importance of giving voice to your secret fantasy. To live your fantasy you have to be willing to say what it is.
  • The path you take to get there may be different to what you had planned or what others would take.
  • Take the time to celebrate the moments in your life that you fantasise about.

What next?


Write your fantasy life
Free writing, also known as stream of consciousness writing, is an excellent technique that can enable you to better access your intuitive knowledge and understanding. Try writing your fantasy life as though it is a fairytale, or as if you were having a conversation with your future self. 


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