Living Savvy Episode #12: How to achieve life goals & find satisfaction

An important part of the life coaching process, and absolutely essential to the 5 steps to Living Savvy, is time to reflect.
That means looking back on what we’ve tried, celebrating what worked, acknowledging what didn’t, and taking that valuable information forward to apply to our lives.
In this episode Cat, Vicky and Karen ask themselves: How far have I come? What’s the best mindset I can have to find happiness? How do I let go of what no longer works for me?

Do you only focus on what is missing?

We are all familiar (especially women) with that tendency to punish ourselves for not having achieved ‘enough’.
One aspect of this is having very high expectations of yourself and your life – thinking that everything you do must to be completely amazing and perfect. In which case you’ll always be falling short.
Another aspect is the ‘all or nothing’ mindset – if your goals haven’t been fully achieved exactly as you dreamed, then it feels as though nothing has been achieved.
But, in truth, you are always making progress in one way or another – even if that’s simply working out what you don’t want in your life. Successful people don’t just set goals and then drive towards them relentlessly – they’re smart enough to know when it’s time to let go of a course of action or goal that’s no longer working for them.
So, take time to acknowledge what you have learnt in life, where and how you have evolved and matured, and the foundations you have laid to build on in the future.

What can you learn from this conversation?

  • Acknowledge and celebrate the things that make you extraordinary
  • Stop focusing on what is missing or still left to do
  • There are times in life when it is better to let go of a goal or dream

How far has Cat come?

“I now accept that I can achieve what I want to achieve.”

How far has Vicky come?

“The pain I felt in the short term when I changed my life, including my job, was worth it in the longer term.”

How far has Karen come?

“I have always said that if my dream doesn’t work, I will change it, my family will always come first.”

What next?


It’s tremendously important to acknowledge and celebrate our efforts and achievements, and that’s why we have Champagne Friday every week at the living savvy facebook community page. Join in as we pop the cork on the week that was, celebrate what worked, reflect on what didn’t, and look forward to a sparkling new week of possibility.


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